Building My Personal Website

A Journey Through Hugo and AWS

Published on Apr 01, 2023

Reading time: 1 minutes.

Hey there! I’m a web developer who’s all about speed and scalability. That’s why I wanted to create a personal website that was lightning-fast and easy to deploy. After some research, I decided to use Hugo, a static site generator built in Go.

Hugo is great because it lets me write my website content in Markdown, which is then converted into HTML and served to visitors. And the best part? It’s super fast and lightweight! Plus, Hugo has tons of themes and customization options to choose from.

Next, I had to find a hosting provider. I wanted a solution that would be easy to deploy and scale, and that would work well with Hugo’s static site architecture. That’s when I discovered AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) - it offers fast and reliable hosting for static websites.

To deploy my website to AWS S3, I used the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) to create a new S3 bucket and configure it for static website hosting. Then, I used the Hugo CLI to generate my site files, and synced them to the S3 bucket using the AWS CLI. It was super easy and straightforward!

The result is a lightning-fast website that can handle high traffic loads, and that’s easy to update and deploy. With Hugo and AWS, I’ve created a powerful and scalable platform for showcasing my skills and sharing my thoughts with the world.

So if you’re a developer looking for a fast and scalable way to create a personal website, I highly recommend Hugo and AWS. They make it easy to create a website that’s both beautiful and functional. And who knows? Maybe you’ll end up having as much fun building your website as I did!

Thanks for reading, and happy coding!